bsmconnect Robotics for MRDS with Parallax Boebot

Did some research on how to use Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio with the Parallax Boebot. Here are some helpful links I found using Google search phrase:

microsoft robotic studio with parallax boebot

Advance Robotic Courseware


Which robot to choose?

Here’s bsmconnect Robotics for Beginners intro!

One of my hobbies is tinkering with electronics. It can be amatuer radio, software or hardware. One of these hobbies combine radio, programming and microcontrollers all in one. Four years ago, I decided to look into robotics. The robot training I selected has the following features:

  • Low cost
  • Teaches you how to read and design circuitry and schematics.
  • Interfaces to a laptop via a USB port for programming.
  • It uses a micro-controller for the on-board computer.
  • Has a blue-tooth radio link for wireless feedback to a laptop, tablet or phone.
  • There is also now available a wireless link transceiver hardware available.*
  • Has an on board digital logic analyzer for looking at digital signals on the microcontroller on your laptop, like a scope does  up to 8 signals at a time for timing and level measurements.*
  • The programming language was basically easy to learn.
  • A simple but effective programming environment IDE for developing, writing and debugging code.
  • A way to program the microcontroller via a simple USB port.
  • Camera hardware capability.*
  • Teaches servo motor timing, speed, measurement and control.
  • Teaches object avoidance sensing when objects are near the robot and how to get out of a stuck situation.
  • Light sensing using photoresistors to follow a light beam.
  • IR range detection for distance measurements and speed control when coming up to objects.
  • Sound generation for audio notification of environment via sound.
  • Sonar hardware distance measurement for speed control and avoidance.*
  • Programming on a set course for navigation.

How’s that for a start! It basically teaches you the fundamentals of robotic design and development but also has the ability for expansion. The platform is build on a breadboard for experimenting with all the above topics. It is built by a company named Parallax and the robot has been around for several years and used in schools. The robot is called the Boe Bot and all the parts and training is included in the package.

Note : The items marked by an ‘*’ is not included in the basic kit but are available with it’s own course.

The programming language is Basic which is one of the easiest languages to learn. There are books available for more advance Basic Stamp (controller) hardware programming that get into more complex topics (Basic Stamp 2 Communications and Control Projects). There is also available from Microsoft, a Visual Basic Express programming environment for robotics that covers the Boe Bot!

This training will give you hours of fun in building your first robot and ways to expand it! I highly recommend it for young and old!

Here is the link to get to Parallax’s website.


bsmconnect Robotics

Welcome to bsmconnect Robotics website. This site is dedicated to my entry into the robotics field. My entry into the robotics field came into being 4 years ago and is an idea I’ve always wanted to get into. One thing that initially held me back in the beginning was that it’s a field that can get very expensive. Thru research of what was available at that time and me being a total beginner, plus cost was the criteria that started my entry into the field.

One thing I noticed was you definitely needed some knowledge of electronics. Since I was retired from being in the electronics field for 30 years, I did have knowledge of computers, micro-controllers and circuitry. So now I figured if any one else wanted to get into the robotics field, they need at least a knowledge of basic electronics to start with. You have that and its good for a start. The knowledge of micro-controllers I have is mostly based on hardware but very little software development. So I wanted to get into the software side of development.

So going by the above criteria, I started my search for what was available. One company I found fitted all the criteria I needed plus more. The company’s name is Parallax and they fit the criteria range from beginner to expert. They offered training courses and kits ranging from basic electronics to advance robotics. One nice thing is they offered their library of training books as e-books for free. So now you can read before you buy a kit to see what is  involved before you buy. You will have a very good library of robotic manuals that you will always use for more ideas in modifying your robotic platform like I do.

Because of my involvement in using Parallax products, this site will be dedicated to Parallax products and topics. There are some products that are made by outside companies but sold by Parallax because they fit the Parallax model. I will talk about these products also. I will also talk about problems and ideas that I’m currently looking for while developing my robot called the BoeBot. It may not be as fancy as the more expensive robots, but it will give a great foundation to build up on. I highly recommend this company for having great insight into the field of robotics for all users.

So welcome to the bsmconnect Robotics site and together we can learn about the field of robotics!

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