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The major topics are this blog news, autoresponder, membership, website development and programming, game development and training, education sites online, and various plugin sites for Amazon products and a site for all other related topics that don’t fall under these above categories.

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So below is my links to my sites that have to do with the internet marketing topics. As you can see they are topics on the various aspects that you need to know or get familiar with at one time or another.


  • bsmconnect Marketing Tools – These are tools that I consider the best of the best. They are tools that I use in my everyday work.
  • bsmconnect Topic Library – This is a copy of my topic library that started on It has all sorts of links and topics that I learned about while researching website development. I needed to put it all on this site so it will be easier to update and add too. If you are looking for something it might be here.

These selections are using a WordPress plugin that finds and generates postings from Amazon.

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